Why I Love Coffee

Few things in life are guaranteed, but one thing I can always count on is the pleasurable, delicious taste of coffee. I enjoy many types of drinks, even tea, but nothing compares to a good cup of joe. I think the reason why I love coffee so much is drinking a cup truly is an experience. Think about it: even if you only have a few minutes to enjoy your cup, all of your senses get involved. You smell the aromas of the brew, you taste all of its complex flavors, and you actually feel — even if only for a moment — more relaxed. The best conversations are had over cups of steaming hot coffee, and reading a book is all the more satisfying when you have a good cup of brew to drink. Don’t believe me? Just try reading your favorite novel with the addition of a cappuccino or espresso, and you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve heard of the many health benefits that come along with drinking coffee, but that’s truly not part of the reason why I’m such a fan. I love the taste, the traditions represented in brewing coffee, and the feeling of comfort that it brings me. The fact that I can get all of that warmth and goodness from something that doesn’t cost much and doesn’t require a ton of time to make is especially awesome.

And let’s talk about variety for a second. Coffee isn’t just available in a ton of flavors, the actual places where it’s grown lend unique qualities to coffee. If you’re a wine buff you know of the term “terroir”, which is basically a culmination of how where grapes are grown and the methods used to process them affect the flavors in a particular wine. Coffee is the same way, and the differences in beans from different parts of the world are fun to explore. Add in the many brewing methods that exist and the various ways to serve coffee, and I don’t see how anyone could ever get bored with it.

I certainly haven’t get tired of it. The next time you have a cup of coffee, try to slow down and really savor the experience. You won’t look at it the same way again, and you’ll probably start to love coffee as much as I do.